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Offer for new audit clients

If your company is subject to an audit or if you wish to have voluntarily audited your annual accounts, the first 10 new customers will receive something extra from us.

We offer the first 10 new customers one of the following products:

  • AVG-scan
  • Fiscal scan
  • Financial MOT

If you opt for an AVG scan, a lawyer will discuss with you whether your company complies with the regulations concerning the General Data Protection Ordinance. Among other things, we will check whether you have drawn up processing agreements with processors and/or whether your register for personal data complies with the legislation and regulations.

Fiscal scan
If you opt for the tax scan, an experienced tax expert will go through your tax returns with you and discuss with you the opportunities and threats from the laws and regulations and case law on you or your (type of) organisation. You can opt for a fiscal scan for income tax, turnover tax, corporation tax or wage tax.

Financial MOT
If you opt for the financial MOT, one of our specialists will give you advice about your finances, the conduct of your administration and the financial health of your company on the basis of your annual accounts and administration. In addition, you will receive information from us about fellow branch members from BIZ.

More information
For more information, please contact our professional Dirk Beck RA at number 06 – 53 17 88 93 or fill in the contact form under Contact.

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